01 July 2020

Given these unique circumstances, selling your home will require a unique approach. To give your property the best chance of being noticed by the small pool of qualified buyers who are serious about purchasing over this time, you can stage your home so that it becomes more appealing to buyers’ preferences over this time. 

To help you stage your home, below are 4 home staging tips for selling during COVID-19:

Stage an office or study space 
The first thing you need to consider is an at-home study or office space. Now that we are all working more remotely, a well fitted at-home office is likely to be an incredibly appealing feature to buyers. If you have a temporary setup or you don’t yet have an at-home office space, you might want to think about transforming one of your rooms into a fully functional office. 

Aesthetic gardens sell homes
An often-neglected area, such as your garden, should not be overlooked, as a well-maintained garden space can work in your favour. Those who have spent lockdown in an apartment block are likely to be searching for homes with some garden space. If your property has any outdoor space, you could increase the appeal of the home simply by making that space as functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible. 

Reinvent your space through home staging
Space is another factor that most buyers are likely to be paying more attention to over this time. Buyers are likely to be asking themselves the question: ‘Would I be able to spend months in lockdown in this home’. One of the biggest frustrations in this scenario is feeling caged in by a home that is cramped or feeling like there’s no place for some alone time. Ideally, you should declutter your homes to make your property feel more spacious. If you have an open-plan living space, consider creating a separate space in the home that can be closed off to allow for some privacy. An experienced home stager could help sellers create private nooks through smart furniture placements and design.

Avoid selling solo during COVID-19
Selling your home is slightly more complicated during COVID-19, but it doesn’t have to be. Partnering with a real estate professional from a well-established brand such as RE/MAX, will allow you to reach more buyers through the brand’s large referral network. Partnering with a RE/MAX agent, who is also well aware of all the health and safety regulations that need to be followed, will give you an unfair advantage within this highly competitive market. 

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